Simen Russnes technical background

10 years experience with software development, cloud, big data, application development, etc (see details below).

Used to work at Bio-Me as early bioinformatics engineer where I built up the automated pipelines and data management systems needed to perform the critical needs in genome and big data exploration, and other types of data management like lab results etc.

Before that worked as lead Android developer in the core development team of the Open Source Health Information System (HIS) DHIS 2 at the University of Oslo, after which I consulted and independently developed apps for 2.5 years while working on a new bachelor's in Molecular Biology which I graduated the summer of 2018.

Started programming JavaScript around 2004 in middle school, and released my first Android app in 2010 to the Google Play Store.

Python, Rust, JavaScript (React), and Shell is where I have the most experience, and then I have experience with some other common ones like, Java, SQL, C++, C and at this point it's more about which language does the job best. Have some experience with Agile development.

Self driven, structured, dedicated, hard worker and ready to take on any challenge.